Gopher Campfire Event Calendar
Calendar Basics


Gopher Campfire Event Calendar

The calendar shows all upcoming events, league activities and meetings. The calendar also shows the availability of the following Gopher Campfire facilities:

– 5o Yard Range
– 100 Yard Range
– Two Pistol Bays
– Boat Landing

Facilities listed above are considered available unless noted otherwise on the calendar.

The calendar can be accessed through the following methods:

– from the Calendar/Events menu option at the top of the each page
– from the View All Events link on the right side of each page
– from the Events/Calendar link at the bottom of each page

Under Upcoming Events on the right side of each page, the next five calendar items are listed. You can access that “event” by clicking on its title.

Calendar Basics


Navigating to a Specific Month (A)
Click on the Events In link at the top left of the calendar. A list of months will appear.
Regular month by month navigation is provided at the bottom corners of the calendar.

Changing the View: Month vs List (B)
The default view for the calendar is by month. To change to a list view, click on Month in the gray View As box at the top right of the calendar.

Search for An Event (C)
The Search option at the top of the calendar searches for an event within the current month. It searches the event TITLE only and not content. Input your search criteria then click on the Find Events button or press Enter. Only events that match your criteria will be shown in the calendar. If no events match a message will be displayed. You must clear your search criteria, or go to another page in order to view all events again.