Membership Purchase 2020

You can now purchase your 2020 Gopher Campfire membership online!

The cost of Annual membership dues are two-tiered and all members must agree to the following rules:

1. Club Grounds & Range for Members Only – No Guests on range.
2. Lock the main gate as you enter & leave the grounds.
3. Shooting hours 8:00am – Legal Sunset
4. No alcohol/drugs permitted before or during shooting.
5. Hearing & eye protection required.
6. Rifle & Pistol shooting in designated bays only.
7. No Cross Shooting in bays.
8. No Rapid Fire.
9. Always point firearms in a safe direction (down range).
10. Clear firearm and range before going down range.
11. No unauthorized ATV’s or any other off-road vehicles on club grounds.
12. No exploding targets are allowed anywhere on the grounds.
13. Pick up all brass, shotgun shells, paper targets, & litter. This is your range. Keep it clean.

We utilize PayPal as our payment solution but you do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase your membership.

After making payment, your official membership card will be emailed to you within two business days.

Thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing you on the range and at the club!

Tier 1 – Regular – $120.00

Not a member of a Gopher Campfire sanctioned league or a volunteer but agree to all member rules.

Click here to purchase Regular Membership

Tier 2 – League/Volunteer – $45.00

Member of a Gopher sanctioned league.

Willing to volunteer at Gopher events and/or extra needs.

Volunteer opportunities are usually around 4 hour shifts and include Club events such as the Fishing Contest, Wild Game Feed, Bluebird Day, Arhart Shoot, Annual Outing, Scholarship Shoot, Clean up days and others.

Click here to purchase League/Volunteer Membership