Rifle League

Gopher .22 Rimfire Rifle League

Rules and Schedule 


The Gopher Rifle League is open to all interested shooters who are of legal hunting age and have a .22 caliber rimfire rifle.  The primary goal of the League is to bring shooter together for fun and friendly competition.  Because of the classification system, you will be shooting with other shooters who are at the same skill level, which means everyone has the opportunity to win.  Regardless of how well you do against the other competitors, you can expect your shooting skill to improve over the course of the season.


The Chairman of the league is Dane Madsen.  For more information, contact him at madsen@hutchtel.net.  Any member is welcome to participate as a range officer.

Registration and Fees

The year’s first event is a Fun Shoot in early May and it is open to the public.  There is no charge for the Fun Shoot.  The purpose is to give everyone a chance to try out the various events and get a feel for what league shooting is all about.  If you enjoy the Fun Shoot, you will almost certainly enjoy being a league member.

League membership costs $30.00 for each division.  Members are allowed to participate in more than one division, but the membership fee is required for each division.  The league membership fee does not include membership in Gopher Campfire Club.  All shooters must be members of Gopher Campfire Club.  (Club annual dues are $45.00 for the year if you join the league).

Youth League shooters age 8-13 $10 and 14-17 $20 and must be attended by an adult.

Scores will be recorded for bragging rights to the best shooters. And a possible prize at the end of season depending on the amount of league shooters. Profit first for Gopher Campfire.

You must register and may pay on or before the first night of competition shooting — Payment will be a single fee. All fees and other monies earned by the league will be used to support the league and Gopher Campfire Club.  Fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.


In order to accommodate as many people as possible, the league is divided into four divisions,

(Based on the membership each year):

Hunter, Scoped

Hunter, Open Sights

Unlimited, Scoped

Unlimited, Iron Sights

Points, Standings, and Classifications

Depending on the number of participants, each division may be divided into classes.  The exact number of persons in each class will depend on the total number of people in that division.  In the past few years the turnout has been small so we have not had all classifications; typically there is a Hunter Scoped and an Unlimited Scoped class.  This is definitely a fun-shooting league wherein the scoring is used to help each other improve personal shooting skills.


In the event of a tie within a division (not just a class) at the end of the season, the tiebreaker will be the total number of X’s from the paper events.

Rifles and Equipment

All rifles are .22 caliber long rifle rimfire.  Rifles are divided into two major categories: Hunter and Unlimited.

The Hunter category is intended to include rifles that are typically used for hunting.  This would include factory stock rifles by Winchester, Remington, Marlin, Ruger or any of the numerous other manufacturers.  Sporter type modifications to these type rifles also fall within this category, the primary limitations being the barrel dimensions and the trigger pull.  The both categories are then divided into 2 subdivisions; Scoped and open sights.

Rifle Limitations Equipment:
Maximum barrel diameter at the muzzle: Slings allowed
.74” and a general taper over the majority of the barrel length
Maximum Barrel length;
23” or as originally equipped
Maximum Scope Power (for the scoped division only):
9X (higher power variable scopes allowed as long as RO witness that the 9X is not exceeded)
Minimum trigger pull weight:  3 lbs. Cloth or leather sandbags are allowed for bench rest only.

The Unlimited category may be viewed as an almost No Rules category.  Rifles in this category will have heavy bull barrels, high power scopes and custom stocks.

Rifle Limitations: Equipment:
Trigger must be of a safe pre load
No Barrel Restrictions: Slings allowed
No scope restrictions for the scoped subdivision
Palm Rests allowed Isolator Gloves allowed
Hook buttstocks allowed Isolator Jackets allowed
Isolator Pants allowed
Mechanical rests allowed
Cloth or leather sandbags are allowed for bench rest only


All shooters must supply their own ammunition.  The only limitation on ammo is it must be non-jacketed (lead only).  Some members may be able to supply ammo during the early season to help with the shortage of ammo on the market.  This will have to be arranged on an as-needed basis and is not guaranteed to be available.


All rifles are limited to 10 shot capacity magazines or clips.  Competitors are encouraged to bring enough magazines/clips to hold 20 rounds, which is the maximum number fired in a single course of fire.  If you don’t have enough magazines/clips, you will be allowed reloading help during an event.

Sunshades — (Important)

The rifle range faces due west, and as the evening progresses, shooters will be looking into the setting sun.  This is a good reason to show up early!  It helps to have a pair of dark shooting glasses and a hat with a brim.  Competitors are allowed to use whatever sunshades they wish to combat the sun.  A toilet paper tube taped to the end of your expensive scope may look silly but it sure beats shooting blind!

Spotting Scopes

Spotting scopes (or binoculars) are helpful during prep firing, especially for the Open sight division.  We will try to have one available for use by all, but if you have one, we encourage you to bring it along and share it with others.  Spotting assistance is allowed during pre-competition preparation, but in the interest of fairness, it will not be allowed during competition.  You will be allowed to spot for yourself during competition, but note that this may be very difficult due to the time limits on some events.

Calendar of events

Events will that have more than one set of targets to shoot at will require a full 5 shots a 3 of 4 target sets for score.  The shooter may select the group of targets from the 4 groups.  5 shots per line will be shot for a total of 15 at 15 targets.  All knockdown targets are 3 points, and a multiplier is used to obtain the final score.  The multiplier is based on shooting position.  Bench is X1, Prone or kneeling is X2 and offhand is X3.  Positions may be changed with each set of 5 targets.  Bench rest event is scored using best edge.  Each event must be shot once during the season for score.  All events will be held at least twice throughout the summer. The July 4th week is an off week due to the holiday.  When shooting in the kneeling position, Sitting is considered the same thing.

Targets and events may change at the beginning of the year to make the shooting more fun or challenging. The events listed below are from 2015.

Event Details

Event Time Limit Targets Shots Scoring Total Points
Fun Shoot None Choice Unlimited None None
50 yd. Bench rest 5 minutes 10 Bulls @ 50 yds 20 shot

2 shot per Bull

10 points max per shot 200 Max
Combo 1 4 stages per event

3 minutes per stage

30 yds pigs

40 yds Rams

50 yds Pins

50 yds Lg Clay

15 Shots 3 points per target

X1 Bench

X2 Prone/sit/kneel

X3 Off hand

135 Max
Combo 2 4 stages per event

3 minutes per stage

30 yds Chickens

40 yds Turkey

50 yds Pigs

50 yds SM Clay

15 Shots 3 points per target

X1 Bench

X2 Prone/sit/kneel

X3 Off hand

135 Max
Combo 3 4 stages per event

3 minutes per stage

30 yds Sm Clay

30 yds Turkey

40 yds Rams

50 yds Pins

15 Shots 3 points per target

X1 Bench

X2 Prone/sit/kneel

X3 Off hand

135 Max
Combo 4 4 stages per event

3 minutes per stage

30 yds Chickens

40 yds Turkey

40 yds Pigs

50 yds Lg Clay

15 Shots 3 points per target

X1 Bench

X2 Prone/sit/kneel

X3 Off hand

135 Max

We are currently working on adding some new target scenarios. The points awarded will be comparable.

Number of Competitors Per Line

Because the facility is a multi-use facility and others may be shooting on the same night as the rifle league, shooters will have to use extra caution.  We will allow as many shooters as possible the shoot at one time, but will always choose on the side of safety.

Preparation and sighting-in

Participants are encouraged to have their rifles sighted in before arriving in order to prevent hurried last-minute sighting.  Sight-in time will be provided between events and during scoring periods.  Spotting is allowed during the sight in period, but not during the competition.  Additional prep time may be allowed with the consent of the Range Officers and the other competitors.


All paper targets are scored best edge.  A scoring plug will be used to confirm scoring shots near the edge.  If your target has more hits than the maximum number of shots allowed, the highest scoring shot(s) will be nullified.

Action plates:  Rebounds count as a knockdown.  You may fire again at a plate that has rebounded, but you cannot score more than five hits at any distance.

Re-settable:  A swinging target counts as a hit.

Pins:  Multiple pins knocked down with a single shot do not count. Targets must be hit by the bullet.


The following safety rules and regulations have been adapted from the United States Practical Shooting Associations Practical Shooting Handbook.

Shooting Code of Ethics

The ultimate firearms safety is the shooter.  He or she is always responsible for his or her actions and safe gun handling.  The principles of safe gun handling are expressed in the shooting Code of Ethics.

  1. I will treat every firearm as a loaded one.
  2. I will never point a firearm at anything I am not willing to destroy.
  3. I will be sure of my target and what is behind it before firing.
  4. I will keep my finger off the trigger until my muzzle is down range.

A Code of ethics violation is a safety violation and will lead to disqualifications from the competition.

Eye and ear protection

Eye and ear protection are mandatory at all times while on the firing line. Shooter must have own PPE.

Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverages will be allowed.