Steel Shoot

Our first Steel Shoot of the season. It will as usual be at the Gopher Campfire Club this Saturday, 4/20/2024.

The shoots start out easy in April and get progressively harder through the season, so this should be an easy one. You’d still better bring your A-game, as closer targets mean the better shooters shoot faster.

Dates of shoots. 4/20, 5/18, 6/15, 7/20, 8/17, 9/21, 10/19

What’s needed? Just like the Second rule of gunfights states……Bring a Gun!…… 9mm and bigger are expected.

Holster, not needed for a Tyro, and the main match but if you have one, I would advise you to bring it. No holster, the start position will be Cooper Ready, that means shooting side elbow on the belt, forearm and barrel parallel to the ground, support hand relaxed at the side. You cannot shoot Man v Man without a holster. The trigger MUST be covered. Due to the requirement to knock over the targets, a serious defensive caliber will be needed. Mag carriers are a big help, also we recommend you bring 4 magazines. If you don’t have sufficient magazines, bring a friend with a mag loader.

Round count, in a perfect world 100. If you have the slightest idea you might miss, bring more….lots more. I don’t miss much but I still bring 200

Hearing protection, if you want to be able to talk with your grandkids bring it, learning sign language at 50 isn’t easy.

Eye Protection, good quality sunglasses, safety glasses or prescription glasses are MANDATORY, they should wrap around the side or have side panels.

Think of your shooting glasses as your American Express Card, don’t leave home without them. We’re shooting at Steel, bullets shatter, pieces of them bounce.

Clothes…This is Minnesota, bring snow clothes, rain gear, sunscreen, shorts….you get the picture…be a boy scout.

Hydration, bring something to drink, it may be hot (or cold) so bring water or something else (non-Alcoholic).

Food, the town is six miles from the range and there are no facilities on site, bring some lunch, you might get hungry otherwise.

Start Time, Setup will be at 8:30, Safety Briefing will start at 9:30, if you are not there for the safety briefing, I’m sorry but you will not be able to shoot the match.

COF, Four stages, each of 4 strings of 5 targets with the best three times to count. The winner will be the one with the lowest total time for the 12 runs.

$15 for Non Members, $10 for Members. (Gopher Campfire Club Members)

Membership.. If you sign up for membership, the Steel Shoot counts as a club league so you pay only the $45, not the higher rate. Memberships will be available on the range.