IR 50/50

World Record IR50/50 Target!

United States Rimfire Association IR50/50




On May 16th, 2015, Doug Bell from New Richmond, WI shot a world record target at Gopher Campfire’s May match. The previous world record had stood for over 15 years.

The IR50/50 target contains 25 circular targets with five rings in increasing size with the smallest, “10-ring” measuring just .250″. In the center of that 10-ring is a small dot called the “X” which measures only .035″ in diameter, about the size of a pencil lead. We shoot 25 shots, one at each set of rings attempting to cause the bullet from our rimfire rifle to touch the quarter inch ring each time, thus giving us a 250 point score. In addition, to break ties, the number of X’s that the bullet touches is also counted. The highest possible score on our target is therefore 250 points with 25 X’s. During the 13.5# class competition in May of this year, Doug Bell scored a perfect 250, PLUS hit 24 of the 25 X dots. A remarkable feat! No one had ever done that before in that class of IR50/50 competition. So, Gopher Campfire is proud to present a photo of Doug with his World Record target for all to admire and be amazed at!

Ray Wight, Match Director